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Regain Our Democracy

The only party I ever belonged to was the Republican Party. I left in 1992 when they brought in the Jerry Falwell's Moral Majority as a partner in the Party Platform. I have been an Independent ever since then. However, I am a clear Liberal, Progressive, Social Democrat whatever label you want to apply. With all the hate-filled vitriol levied by the Republican Party there is an interesting dynamic shift from when I first registered as a Republican at the age of 18.

Today's Democratic Party is the Republican Party I registered to be a part of. They want the individual to thrive, but they want social safety nets to reduce the challenges to the individual. They want health care, they want senior care, they want opportunities. The Republican Party is the party of the religious fringe, the rule of right is might through militarized law enforcement, the party of covert and overt racism and bigotry through the support of racist policies and actions, the suppression of the minority vote, the suppression of labor unions, and the support of company policies over environmental or individual rights.

There is no time left to play games with our country. This election is vote to regain and retain our Democratic Republic, or the devolution into fascism and anarchy. There is only one option, Vote Blue. Here are guidelines on how to support a Blue Wave shared by Mary Jeanne Vincent, an active Monterey County voter and Democrat - this is specific to Monterey County residents, but take the time to find out what is happening where you live


  1. Register to vote AND vote a straight blue ticket! – check your voter registration information at Vote early and mail your ballot early to drive it to the county registrar of voters.

  2. Register others to vote. They can register online in California

  3. Sign up and write letters to (Democratic and Independent voters – it is easy to do through Vote Forward (Questions? I am happy to answer them 831.917.4997.)

  4. Order your Biden/Harris lawn sign at Fly your American flag next to your Biden/Harris lawn sign. Don’t let Republicans abscond with our flag!

  5. link for numerous Biden/Harris events. Lots of opportunity to call or text voters.

  6. Donate to the Biden/Harris campaign

  7. Donate to the Ditch Mitch campaign (Amy McGrath, former fighter pilot is his Democratic rival).

  8. Donate to Katie Porter, Sara Gideon (Defeat Susan Collins) and any Democrat of your choice.

  9. The state party is holding calls on Sundays for Biden in combination with Senate seats:

  10. On Saturday Sept 26th, 10am, Monterey County Democrats will be hosting a volunteer training and then will host calls for Biden/Harris and Senate seats. Here's the sign up for that:

  11. Postcard group:

  12. Check out the League of Women Voter’s election information site You can get a personalized ballot for your address, read about candidates, get information on measures and much more.

  13. Volunteer to be a poll worker on November in Monterey). The League of Women Voters is looking for volunteers. Contact Howard Fossler at


Mary Jeanne Vincent, Career Expert + Strategist

Career Talk Online and Print Columnist, Monterey County Herald

A better world – starting with yours



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