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Psychic Readers & Healing Practitioners

This listing is from the November 2019 ROTA Psychic Fair

The ROTA Psychic Fair attracts a gifted group of Psychically talented Readers and Healing Practitioners.

Don't assume a reader or healing practitioner will be present at each fair, be sure to check the list prior to the event. 

Find out how to maximize your ROTA Fair experience by visiting the FAQ page.


For all Pet Readings, Pets DO NOT need to be present to receive their reading.

ROTA Psychic Fair

animals do not need to be present for a reading

Healing Practitioner Listing
Reader Listing

Healing Practitioners

Mike Dinkel – Reiki, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, SomatoEmotional Release Therapy, Habd-Ob Healing and The Avenue of Expression Therapy. I am able to sense the underlying causes of illness and injury through intuitive insights and visions. This helps in clearing your blockages and improving your energy flow so that your body can heal itself as it should. I am a CranioSacral Therapist, Reiki Practitioner and Hands-On Healer. Call or Text 831-905-4103; Web:

Aliya Hagn's Wellness Corner - Aliya Hagn brings her passion for the wellness of people, animals and the planet to her studies as a Naturopathic Doctor. She is offering doTERRA Essential Oils, free wellness guides, bookings for consultations, and invitations to free workshops on cooking, diet, sustainability, and more. Her website is:


1. Heather Green - Heather Green is an Intuitive, Energy Healer, Channel, & Animal Communicator. She brings through the messages of the Pleiadian and Angelic collectives. She will offer intuitive readings for people and animals at the Rota Psychic Fair. Provides life guidance for relationships, health, career, abundance, soul's purpose and more.  Email: Web:

2. Joyce Day Meuse – Studying and sharing metaphysic guidance for the last four decades. Her favorite tools include astrology, tarot, aura readings and ho’opnopono to get accurate answers and solutions for her client's most challenging and significant questions Email; Web:

3. Karla Kogan Hansen- Intuitive guidance and channeling using Pendulum Dowsing with additional insights using Positive Practical Palmistry. Email:; Web:


​4. Monique McDonnell - Psychic and Tarot readings for a deeper understanding of self and others. Monique delivers accurate information which provides clarity, direction, and healing for amazing changes in your life, as well as information on how to handle difficult situations for an optimal outcome. Email:; Web:


​5. Santosha Nobel - 40 years experience as a medium, medical intuitive, and intuitive for real estate, purchases, and life purpose. She is  an animal communicator and sound healer for people and animals. Through Hypnotherapy she specializes in helping clients overcome fears, phobias, overeating and the blues. Web:

​6. Constantina Macheras - Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Clairvoyent and an Empath. Constantina receives messages from the Council of Archangel Michael. These high vibration messages help people emotionally, psychologically and physically in their personal lives, in business and in their spiritual live.


7 Phoenix - 'Human Google' - Psychic ‘Divine Download’ for Pets & People; Readings: specific questions/ specific answers for anything - anyone. Specialty: Medical; those Passed-On; Coaching: Life/Career guidance, clarity, insight and fresh perspective. + Healing/Energy Work 831 462 1620

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