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2017, the Journey of Self

2016 is gone, although the impact lingers.

Last year was a closing year. A year of completion and graduating to your next level. It was also a time to integrate all the lessons from previous years.

This was a powerful time for releasing what no longer served you to make room for what will serve you more effectively. If you have not completed tying-up-the-loose-ends from last year you have an opportunity to complete that during this month of January. Be conscious of what is ending so you don't reintroduce those same elements.

2017 is a year of individuality and union. This is the year to bring out your true self and use that self as the source of your connection with others.

The Universal Year Number for 2017 is "1". The number 1 is the number of creation, the primal force from which all other numbers come forth. The energy of the 1 is the energy of the doer, it is the energy needed to create and produce.

In order for you to receive the most from this year it is critical that you take action. This is an aggressive energy of putting yourself out into the world. The world will not come to you. If you go to the world this year you will find this is a strong, determined year for your Journey of Self.

What is meant by the Journey of Self? It is the journey to knowing who you really are. We spend much of our lives presenting different personas to the world. The personas are a mask or costume. There may be parts that are you, but the persona is not you.

2017 demands that you be the true Divine being that you are. Not the mask, not the persona. You have the persona that your family wants; the persona that your partner wants; the persona your boss or co-workers want; the persona your friends want. As you operate more fully from your true self you will find several things occurring immediately: 1. You will feel less worry and stress about how to be in a given situation, since you will just be you; 2. You will find family and friends with whom you feel less connected because they do not resonate with your true self.

As we operate from your true self you will, over time, find new connections. These new connections will be those that DO resonate with your true self. Family will always be family, and friends may or may not always be friends, but you can only live your life fully if you chose to live as who you truly are.

As 2017 starts Good Vibrations Radio® is shifting it's broadcast and podcast model. We will continue to bring you the best in everyday alchemy to turn the lead in your life into gold. Sign up for the email list through the Join Our Email List link at the bottom of each page of the web site.

Go forth and bring out your true Divine self. Live as who you truly are. Connect from your true self.

Many Blessings, Happy New Year. Ready - Set - Go!

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