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Mercury goes Direct as Prelude to Autumn Equinox

At 11:49 pm [PDT], September 21, our planet of mind, communication and intellect, Mercury, will go direct in Virgo, ending the retrograde which began on August 30th.

Computers will end their glitches; mail will arrive; bills will be paid; drivers will stay in their lanes; maybe even do the actual speed limit; and people will begin to understand each other.

It usually takes one to two weeks to clear the shadow of the Mercury retrograde so don’t expect immediate miracles, but expect progress as the waning retrograde shadow leaves.

Give yourself time to actually hear what people are saying, and to be heard.

Also, since Mercury is still in Virgo you will have plenty to tools to fix what broke during the retrograde: people, places and things.

If you’ve been critical of others during the retrograde get over it and move on. Take positive steps, go easy, be gentle but move. The retrograde is done. And the next shift is upon us.

At 7:21 am [PDT], September 22, our life-giving Sun changes signs into Libra signaling the Autumn Equinox.

Starting with Lammas on August 1st we have been in the Harvest season of the year. Our ancestors would begin gathering the grains in August followed by the fruits and other root vegetables. It is the time to reap what has been sowed. Autumn Equinox was called the time of the Waning Moon. It is the t

In Greek myth it was the time when Persephone would return from the earth to the underworld with Hades. During her time in the underworld, her mother Demeter, the goddess of the harvest, would refuse to let anything grow.

Many Pagan and Wiccan traditions celebrate this as a time for giving thanks, a time of gratitude and a time for sharing with those less fortunate.

Regardless of whether you believe the ancient myths, or even honor the Autumn Equinox, we are shifting. The days grow shorter and the nights grow longer.

This is a softer gentler time supported by the Libra energy of balance and harmony. Each seasonal shift is a wonderful time to take stock. What is working, what isn’t working? Pick up; clean up; turn inward; reassess; refocus; be gracious; be gentle; allow yourself to release.

Use this energy and time to your greatest advantage. Many blessings for your journey.

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