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Saturn Turns Direct and More, August 13

Saturday, August 13 at 2:50 am [PDT] Saturn turns direct at 9° Sagittarius. This is our planet of discipline, duty, challenges, control, fears and sheer determination.

Saturn conducted a detailed self-analysis while in retrograde and has some recommendations for improvement in the foundation of your life. That means, your finances; your career; your living situation; your car; and your collection of crap you’ve spent your life compiling as if it had value but it is really disposable landfill material.

Saturn says “Release this albatross material from your life!” Since March you’ve done some serious thinking, you may even have been releasing some of your collection, but there is still time to release more. Because Saturn is a pragmatist, and Sagittarius is a humanist, you won’t get rid of anything you actually need. We are excellent at knowing what we want, but not as good at knowing what we need.

Saturn helped clarify where you are and where you want to be, now, as he moves direct, it is time to aim for the goal. Sagittarius will make sure Saturn hits what it aims at. We have through the retrograde shadow period in late November to take the actions needed.

Also, at 7:31 am [PDT], August 13, not long after Saturn leaves retrograde we see Venus, our planet of love, attraction, beauty and harmony starting an argument with Saturn in Sagittarius.

This argument will force us to an evaluation about our love life and relationships with others...all others. However, it doesn’t mean we do anything about them.

This weekend will be a time to figure out who we are in relation to others, as well as who they are in relation to us. As Saturn tells us to take a realistic view, we often confuse fatalistic with realistic by ‘Awful-izing’ the situation.

Don’t pick apart those you love during this transit. Spend time alone today. Try to create your simple plan for those areas that you want to shift with the help of Saturn and don’t engage in long discussions with anyone about what is wrong with your life or relationships.

Make notes, walk, spend time alone, spend time in nature and play.

And don't let Sunday's tug of war between Reality and Fantasy create more drama for you, but that is a discussion for another day.

Be well and Turn the Lead in Your Life into Gold!

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