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Full Moon in Capricorn, July 19

At 3:56 PM [PDT] the Sun in Cancer shines on the Full Moon in Capricorn. This brings light to how we handle responsibility (Capricorn).

The Moon is the ruler of Cancer. Both Cancer and Capricorn are sensitive and often hide their vulnerability – Cancer the crab hides beneath his shell, and Capricorn builds walls around his sensitive heart.

This Full Moon in will not be the crying, emotional, tension filled Full Moon day. Capricorn doesn’t do that sh*t.

It isn’t the Capricorns don’t feel, they just hold their emotions close to the vest. They express when they are ready but they will not express to show weakness.

A Capricorn does consider getting even, most often; however, they just walk away with their heads held high.

The challenge of this Full Moon is you will never know what Capricorn will do until they show you, but you can guarantee it will not be teary-eyed and dripping wet.

Expect to feel irritated with those who are seem careless, lazy or less than brilliant. While your nerves are pulled at remember you are a little too serious today which makes you more grumpy and tired of the behavior.

Do not react to all around you or you will create the foundation for the Capricorn need to get even at a later date.

Walk away from the madness and give yourself some space from those who are acting out. It’s a day to keep your feelings bottled up but do not open that bottle. Also, keep your hands to yourself – No Touching!

Everyone wants their distance and their personal space.

The Moon will square Uranus in Aries. While Uranus wants us to break down the walls that enclose us, and the limiting beliefs and fear of not being deserving of love the Full Moon in Capricorn is driving us to hold our emotions in check.

Squares create tension intended to create action, often it also creates stress. Allow the Square to free up movement but don’t push, don’t force. Often, with a Square, there is a tendency to overdo before getting it right. Go with ease.

Use this Full Moon to determine how we operate emotionally; how we create connections; how we distance ourselves from others; how we have used barriers to prevent connection for fear of being vulnerable.

As Jimi Hendrix said, “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”

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