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History of the ROTA Psychic Fair.


The story of the ROTA Psychic Fair begins in the early 1980’s. At that time a free university used to hold a small psychic fair at the Monterey Peninsula College campus. When the university closed its doors in 1983, 7 tarot enthusiasts came together to fill the void and produced the first ROTA festival on the Summer Solstice. This group chose the name "ROTA: to represent" the Road Of Transformation Arts and is also an anagram for the word "tarot".


After this first event, Ruby Grace and Julie King took over the organization for the fair. Two years later Ruby moved on to other opportunities and Julie King, founder of ROTA Productions, continued production of the fair.


Through the years, thousands of people, from all over the country have participated in the ROTA Psychic Fair. Some are local, some are not, and some set their calendar of events to attend the ROTA Psychic Fair.


The ROTA Psychic Fair is the event for experiencing real intuitive guidance, alternative healing therapies, great information and the wonderfully diverse spiritual community in the Monterey Peninsula.


In 2013 ownership and production of the ROTA Psychic Fair changed hands.


Today the ROTA Psychic Fair is produced by Solarzar through his company Magic-4-Life, LLC. Find out what to expect in The ROTA Psychic and Healing Arts Fair Today.

​The ROTA Psychic Fair Today.


The ROTA Psychic Fair is not like other psychic fairs or expos.  Over 40 of California's best psychics, healers and readers are available at the fair. All readings and healings are only $25.00 and all readers and healers are the same low price enabling you to sample the talents of several intuitive. Visit the Readers/Healers page to see the latest listing.


More than 20 booths with jewelry, art, books, crystals, gifts, and an amazing array of information make the fair a shoppers delight. Click here for vendors.


Enjoy 20 different presentations by internationally known experts at each fair! All free with the entry fee of only $10.00 per day. Presentations are continuous starting at 10:30 each day. Click here for the latest lecture schedule.


In May 2013 Solarzar purchased the fair through his company Magic-4-Life LLCSolarzar is a retired Marine, expert in communication, leadership, customer service and creativity. He is a full time speaker and mystery performer who has explored the mystery arts since the age of 8. Along with his mind reading and hypnosis demonstrations he provides personal readings using palmistry, numerology, astrology, and tarot, as well as fun and entertaining handwriting analysis and Tree Readings. 


Solarzar hosta Good Vibrations Radio™ a weekly source of everyday alchemy sharing vibrational energy and information to help the audience turn the lead in their lives into gold, offering enlightening guidance for those on a spiritual path. See for more information.


Solarzar began production of the ROTA Psychic Fair in October 2013. He is committed to keeping the spiritual community spirit alive in the Monterey Peninsula.


In previous years the fair was held on the last weekend of October and the first weekend of May. For seven years the fair was held the first weekend in May and October. We have changed the event to an Annual Event in October, close to Halloween.

Following the COVID pandemic, Magic-4-Life LLC has collaborated with metaphysical vendors to offer outside events that allow less contaminant opportunities. As we become more accustomed to social activities Magic-4-Life LLC will explore inside locations for a ROTA Psychic Fair experience.


Find out how to maximize your ROTA Psychic Fair experience by visiting the FAQ page.


If you have any questions about the ROTA Psychic Fair or the schedule dates please contact: Solarzar, 831.384.6135 or email:

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